Thursday, March 28, 2013

03/28/13 -Thomas Brown

In short, both division and unanimity are present within 18th  century Scottish philosophy, unanimity with respect to aim—a science of mind—and division with respect to method—the “principles of common sense” versus “the way of ideas”. … In the 19th century the  agenda was dominated by the “science of mind” more narrowly conceived, that is to say logic (i.e., the philosophy of truth and reason) and the philosophy of perception. Consequently, from 1810 onwards, when Thomas Brown (1778–1820) took up the Chair of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh, the story of Scottish philosophy is that of repeated attempts to resolve the tension that lay within that “science”. …Brown died prematurely, but he was a prolific writer from an early age and left behind voluminous lectures. These lectures caused a stir in part because they were critical of Reid (though on certain issues Brown may be said to side with Reid against Hume). On publication they were widely and rapturously received, and ran through a great many editions, both in Britain and America, before falling into almost total neglect by 1850. Perhaps their most enduring effect on the debate arose from the re-interpretation and defence of Reid that they induced on the part of the most prominent philosopher of the period—Sir William Hamilton [stanford]. Brown's philosophy occupies an intermediate place between the earlier Scottish school and the later analytical or associational psychology, to which he really belonged. He still retained a small quantum of intuitive beliefs, and did not appear to see that the very existence of these could not be explained by his theory of mental action. This accounts for the comparative neglect into which his works have now fallen .[wikipedia]. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


check miki films.[not on nf; area 2 dvds only]
walk to sook for lunch, breaded talapai, walk to thrift on 96th. get midnight in central park
dinner with larry,

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Read Lypemanie
ch 1. pick

cette dénomination ne saurait convenir à la mélancolie telle que la définissent les modernes.
Nor would this signification be suited to it, as the moderns define it.
This name does not fit the melancholy as defined by the moderns. G

in the conditional savoir is a very formal equivalent of 'to be able to'
Sauriez- vous me diriger vers = could you possibly direct me to
je ne saurais pas vous aider = I'm afraid I can't help you
je ne saurais le faire = I wouldn't know how to do it [no pas needed in negative!]

convenir à=to suit;--> fit 
qui, dans leurs expressions, ne sont pas obligés à autant de sévérité que les médecins.
who, in their expressions are not obliged to employ so much precision as physicians   
who, in their expressions, are not obliged to as severity than physicians. G  
tous les égarements de nos passions.
all the errors of our passions.
all the aberrations of our passions. G

égarement =[nm] derangement; distraction; error of his ways x-dérèglement]];


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finish white proust
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Gourevitch 'Esquirol et Nosographie,' in Nouvelle histoire
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Adrift in Toyko, comedy by satoshi miki, offers to forgive debt of slacker will walk with him across toyko****
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read Falret on monomania

ch 1. Pick

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post 2 pictures on flickr.
ride [too cold] --> walk w. J.  north from 59th, to sushi restaurant on 72nd
reorganize ed's photo log
more on monomania, some white proust
film: sidewalls, argentine, two people living in small apartments separated by sidewalls; lonely looking for love;***

Experimented with window shots

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white Proust
Pick ch. 1
more on monomania

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judy revises haircut. walk from conservatory garden to creperie.
Finish Haustgen.
start flickr series 'together'
White Proust chs. 1,2, 3,
Start monomania post.oml
Film: at the villa, **, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, Ann Bancroft. from story by maughm, slow moving, beautiful, fine acting by kst.
omelet with lox,
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Chapter 1. Pick.
White Proust.
add to monomania post.

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Snowing, Judy looking for bargains in the south, lousy haircut. chili sans beans. film: Le Havre.
Finish Gilded Lives
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