Wednesday, March 20, 2013


check miki films.[not on nf; area 2 dvds only]
walk to sook for lunch, breaded talapai, walk to thrift on 96th. get midnight in central park
dinner with larry,

To Do:
Read Lypemanie
ch 1. pick

cette dénomination ne saurait convenir à la mélancolie telle que la définissent les modernes.
Nor would this signification be suited to it, as the moderns define it.
This name does not fit the melancholy as defined by the moderns. G

in the conditional savoir is a very formal equivalent of 'to be able to'
Sauriez- vous me diriger vers = could you possibly direct me to
je ne saurais pas vous aider = I'm afraid I can't help you
je ne saurais le faire = I wouldn't know how to do it [no pas needed in negative!]

convenir à=to suit;--> fit 
qui, dans leurs expressions, ne sont pas obligés à autant de sévérité que les médecins.
who, in their expressions are not obliged to employ so much precision as physicians   
who, in their expressions, are not obliged to as severity than physicians. G  
tous les égarements de nos passions.
all the errors of our passions.
all the aberrations of our passions. G

égarement =[nm] derangement; distraction; error of his ways x-dérèglement]];

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