Saturday, May 5, 2018

The blessing of the bikes.

Tomorrow there will be three thousand motor cycles lining both sides of the street and a priest will drive between them in a golf cart spraying holy water on each of them.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Driver's license

Standing in line to get my driver's license at AAA. A burly, older man with an accent that I took to be Portuguese, is told that he can't have a copy of his registration because it has expired. "But the sticker on my license says 19. How could it be expired?' This was followed by a long back and forth with the very good natured clerk, who called in two other clerks for their opinion and support. Eventually they told him that he would have to go to the registry. All through this he kept turning to those of us in line as an audience for his complaints about the computers etc.
As we waited for this to be resolved the woman at the front of the line and the man in front of me carried on an animated conversation. All that I heard were her reports about what her son was doing. What courses he was taking at college etc. The guy in front of me was retired and spent his winters in Florida. "Next year I'm not coming back until May." After she got her license, as she was leaving, she reached out her had to shake his and said, "Thank you so much for all you did for my son." I wanted to ask him what he had done, but I didn't.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Jessica was exhausted from looking after N. for two week-ends and 7 nights. He has had a cold and sleeps poorly at night. he is affectionate and attached to her, he calls me dad and judy gma. He responds with a NO! and often a shriek when asked to do most things, but then does them cheerfully. We appreciate that he says thank you when given things. He won't watch television. It seems he is accustomed to watching movie on a phone.He is eager to go to water and enjoys throwing rocks into the bay.

Friday, April 27, 2018

odd thought 1

If I believed in God, I might be convinced that he/she created prostatic hypertrophy to get men to appreciate that they are still peeing. Certainly as I stand and wait for my urine to flow and occasionally clean up my dribbles I do think of God wonder why he has done this to me, and indeed all men who live long enough to be grateful for another day of peeing.

Werner Herzog's  Where Green Ants Dream. Australian aborigines resist mining company's drilling on land where green ants have religious significance for them. A moving portrayal of problems of cross cultural misunderstanding.
Jessica's foster boy is sick. The trials of idealism.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new words 5/15/13

  • (boudeur) Qui boude habituellement, fréquemment; Celui, celle qui boude habituellement, fréquemment
  • La bouderie est une manifestation agressive caractérisée par un air maussade et un refuge obstiné dans le silence.

    • La calotte est le couvre-chef caractéristique des étudiants universitaires catholique francophones en Belgique. Elle est surtout portée par les étudiants des universités catholiques, mais aussi par certains étudiants d'universités non confessionnelles.

    • Une couture est l'assemblage de deux ou plusieurs pièces de tissu, ou de cuir, à l'aide de fil à coudre, soit manuellement avec une aiguille, soit en utilisant une machine à coudre.
    • Action par laquelle on exécute un ouvrage jusqu’à complet achèvement. Il ne se dit plus que dans des cas spéciaux; (Collectivement) Les vêtements, la lingerie, les chaussures qui ne sont pas faits sur mesure; Le commerce et la vente de ces sortes d’objets
    • assemblage des différentes parties du vêtement.

    Une friandise est une petite pâtisserie ou pièce de confiserie qui se mange avec les doigts. Elle est le plus souvent sucrée.

    • (Lentille (optique)) Une lentille est un élément homogène, isotrope, transparent, traditionnellement en verre, dont au moins l’une des faces n’est pas plane et destiné à faire converger ou diverger la lumière.
    • (lentille) Légumineuse, fabacée, dont la graine, petite, plate, ronde, amincie par les bords, et de couleur roussâtre ou verdâtre est comestible; Chose en forme de cette graine
    • (LENTILLE) Clou décoratif très légèrement bombé, de dimensions variées.

      • Une scie est une lame de fer dentée destinée à couper des matériaux tels que le bois, la pierre, les métaux... Elle est actionnée par divers moyens tels que la main, l'électricité ou l'eau.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

03/28/13 -Thomas Brown

In short, both division and unanimity are present within 18th  century Scottish philosophy, unanimity with respect to aim—a science of mind—and division with respect to method—the “principles of common sense” versus “the way of ideas”. … In the 19th century the  agenda was dominated by the “science of mind” more narrowly conceived, that is to say logic (i.e., the philosophy of truth and reason) and the philosophy of perception. Consequently, from 1810 onwards, when Thomas Brown (1778–1820) took up the Chair of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh, the story of Scottish philosophy is that of repeated attempts to resolve the tension that lay within that “science”. …Brown died prematurely, but he was a prolific writer from an early age and left behind voluminous lectures. These lectures caused a stir in part because they were critical of Reid (though on certain issues Brown may be said to side with Reid against Hume). On publication they were widely and rapturously received, and ran through a great many editions, both in Britain and America, before falling into almost total neglect by 1850. Perhaps their most enduring effect on the debate arose from the re-interpretation and defence of Reid that they induced on the part of the most prominent philosopher of the period—Sir William Hamilton [stanford]. Brown's philosophy occupies an intermediate place between the earlier Scottish school and the later analytical or associational psychology, to which he really belonged. He still retained a small quantum of intuitive beliefs, and did not appear to see that the very existence of these could not be explained by his theory of mental action. This accounts for the comparative neglect into which his works have now fallen .[wikipedia].